Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rocking it on the trainer

Well, I knew it, I just knew that we were going to be paying the price for the nice weather. So instead of average temperatures we are down in the well below average. Under 10 degrees when I woke up this morning.

Hell no am I gonna go out there in this. Highs in the low to mid 30s not including windchills.

I was able to motivate to put the road bike on my Tacx Flow Ergo trainer for the first trainer ride of the year. After I got the kids fed and the wife got back from the gym I got ready. It took a LONG time to just get the trainer set up, changed etc...

It was actually pretty fun. Pop in video from the Tour (2003) put on the Ipod and rock out.

I've got a special play list for workouts which only has fast music on it.
Punk, pop punk, ska, alternative rock. etc.

Today I was just tinkering around, did a couple of 1 min intervals at 300W settings that felt pretty easy actually. Last year 300W was my 1min interval setting so I am stoked that it was so doable.

Normally riding indoors is pure hell for me when I am just riding along. When I do very structured interval workouts time goes by much more bearably. The interval time drags and drags, but the recovery time goes 2x as fast so the end result is that time passes by much more easily.

I've got a request into Dave Morris for setting up monthly coaching this year. I'd like his help in laying out the specifics of the intervals (Time on, time off, # of sets, recovery between sets, at what power setting), etc. and I will figure out how to place it day by day.

All in all I think I'm sitting in a decent spot with regards to training. I got some decent rides in for my endurance base, and my legs feel pretty good for this time of year coming off the strength training.

It's always hard to motivate through this time of year.

The plan is going to be 3weeks of SMSP intervals followed by 1 week rest, then 3 weeks of MSP intervals, and 1 week rest. So that puts me into middle of March.

I'll definitely get some MTB rides in during these blocks, and just make them hard rides. One thing I need to do is force myself to ride outside of my comfort zone and really push sections, get out fo the saddle, hurt myself and then recover. That has always been one thing that has held me back, I think.

I'd like to start in -season riding then but he might have me do another block of SMSP intervals.

So I am motivated today, we will see how motivated I am after I really get into these things. Especially with the Block type of structure of 2 and 3 days on.

Came across the web site and Blog for Jeremiah Bishop. Check it out. Local boy (well VA boy) doing good.

Jeremiah Bishop


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