Thursday, January 27, 2005

The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!

Remember the Jerk, when Steve Martin is jumping up and down when he gets the new phone book.

Well I just got my training plan in the mail from Dave Morris.

I am excited to get into it. I was supposed to do some easy riding with some Muscle Endurance rides yesterday, but crapped out of it. Work has been really hectic and have been outside the last few days. I'm usually a desk jockey and like the outside parts, but they wear me out.

Last night I did something a little different. After I crapped out on riding, instead of surfing the net, or watching a movie, or working on the bike or in the wood shop, I ......went to bed early.

Took some ambien and crashed out at like 9:15.

Wife even came in later and gave me hug/kiss and I in my ultra sleep told her to "BACK UP". Had 0 recollection of doing that.

Kicking myself this morning. Any man who is married with small children knows that you only have a finite amount of times when the wife actually intiates something. And I just burned one of those matches without even knowing it.

But I slept like 10 freaking hours. Got up around 3am but was able to get back to sleep. Kids slept in a little, and BAM... A super sleep.

had some coffee and got on the trainer to do that easy riding + some Muscle Endurance Intervals.

Tomorrow the SMSP intervals start

3 sets of 5x1 with 3 mins between sets.

I think I will try to do them at 320 watts on the Tacx and see how it goes.

Each one is a little goal in itself. Do one, check it off, feel good, rest, do it again.

Check the entire workout off, and feel better.


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