Tuesday, January 04, 2005

4hrs going strong

Took some vaca time off work yesterday, and was in the saddle for 4 hrs. It's all relative and for me that is the longest in the saddle since last year.

Wonderful day. Almost spring. In January!!

Riding strong, even at 3hrs into it. Must be because I STUFFED MY FACE. This time instead of just riding on gels. I had lunch, then started riding, and had one energy bar, one gel, one bottle of Hammer HEED, then stopped at the store and got a can of Coke, some peanut M&Ms, and two Payday Bars.

Just call me Mr. Nutrition.

But hey I made it back to work w/o bonking, and was able to ride through the ever present head wind.

First inclination is to curse the headwind, then it becomes your friend, your training partner to push you harder. We'll see how much of a 'friend' it has been come April.

Wife calls on the cell phone. Where have you been all day! BUSTED.

My Hokies lost the Sugar Bowl. Not for lack of trying. I am such a fair weather fan. I was so tired, and went to bed after they missed a field goal and it as 16-0. Wake up to read in the paper that the final was 16-13. Gotta give em some credit to come back like that.

Oh well. Cable is getting cancelled today. Not that there is anythng good on. Mostly crap, but I will miss the Orange County Chopper crew, and the car shows and the other crap reality shows.

Day off the bike today, and then try to get some more long rides in before the weather heads south.


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