Monday, December 13, 2004

Power to Maurice...

I can't remember what movie this line was from, but it dominated my college conversations for many years.

Vaguely remember some guy doing something and saying "Power to the People!!"...."Fuck the people...Power to Maurice!"

Well did a power phase of lifting the other day. It went well, pretty easy but I could feel it later. It is kind of fun, doing a squat then going up so fast that your feet leave the ground. I'm only doing Squat and hamstring curl in the power phase for lower body, and still doing some dead lift for the lower back, but not fast.

Stopped leg press. and am just doing some more strength work for upper body.

I've backed off some on the riding, and lifting, splitting up my upper and lower body lifting into separate days.

Took Sun off to help out at a Cyclocross race that one of our team guys put on. He worked his tail off and got a really low turnout, but you have to start somewhere. I wish I rode it now after watching it. It looked brutal, but fun.

Man it was cold. Our vacation is over here, and winter is here to stay. Windy and in the 30s. I rode some of the course. Wish I had better cross tires, I've got some $10 Cheng Shit on there now.

Riding in grass is really demoralizing. You think you should be going faster but you just get sucked into it.

Today, I'm going to the gym to do some sprint intervals on one of the Spin Cycles. I like to do it on those bikes because I can totally focus on the interval, and not worry about clipping out, or running into a car or the ditch, or my gears skipping.

Plus it is going to be dropping into the 20s through the day, and the wind is howling.

Oh I'm such a wuss, One day this week, I'll get out into that cold and see how it goes.

I made a plea to my wife to try and simplify things this Xmas. I haven't been having fun lately, and I so much want to enjoy this time of year because the kids are just SOOO excited about everything, that it is a shame to be a buzz kill for them. My job is stressful now, and the wife's job is hectic and childcare get's turned upside down this time of year, and our little one is being a pain in the ass behavior wise. And the wife is upset over the digital picture to us for Xmas cards, is out of focus a little and doesn't look good when printed on the color printer..etc.etc..

So I just asked if we could back off a little on the little crap like that, that just adds up like pin pricks over and over to the dark side.



At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Power to Maurice" - Keith David - "Off Limits" (1988)

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