Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Another trip on the vomitron

Did some sprints again at the gym on the spin cycle

4 sets, of 4reps of 15seconds on 60sec off. 5min recovery between sets

while seated chose hard gear difficult to pedal but allows to spin up to as fast as possible during sprint.

Again, I didn't think I was going that hard, but god I was hurting. By the 3rd set I had to get off and sit down for second. I finished with 4 set and felt so queasy. I sat down on the mat upstairs for almost 10 mins before going home.

I had this real sour look on my face. Kind of a funny scene, walking around the gym in bike shorts, shoes and a jersey with a I'm about the throw up all over the place look.

Gonna try and get out for an hour or so outside today.

Finally got to work on the mountain bike last night in the garage. Got a lot to do still.
-Gotta try out my budget weight weenie wheels that I built many months ago, and get the Stans and tires mounted on them, get the headset adjusted, etc.
Front der cable, new rear cable/housings.

Gotta get on it this weekend.

Got Yak rack parts coming to get the roof rack back on the Scooby. Lots to do.


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It can't really have effect, I think this way.


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