Wednesday, September 01, 2004

new wheel

Did a trainer ride yesterday. 4min intervals. 2sets 4 reps. 4min on 4off at 250watts.

Not too bad, but I bogged down on the last two and half assed them.

Road mountain bike this morning. Last night I put on that new Hugi/sworks rear wheel and mounted the Stans and a Ritchey Zmax that came with the wheel.

Man that thing is LOUD. I guess it will keep me from scaring hikers.

The tire worked ok. Felt pretty good, holding back some, trying to focus on skills more. Flew down Beast. Scared myself a little. Hands hurt pretty good.
Having hard time remembering how to pop the front wheel and land it on a stair step, and then hop in order to clean technical climbs. Used to do it second nature now I can't remember how. Hardest part is landing with the strong foot forward and all in one motion bunny hop forward so that you don't lose any momentum.


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