Friday, August 27, 2004

Gotta plan

Yesterday Karen and I had date night where our neighboor watches the kids, so we went road riding. It was nice, we got to talk some, but I don't like the route we took.

Glade/meadowbrook to Keisters Branch

Too many blind hills, and blind corners and there was lots of traffic.

I am so glad that I made the decision to get a consultation from a coach. I had emailed Dave Morris about a consultation and then hiring him later in the year. After trading emails we finally hooked up today on the phone.
I'd corresponded with him several times over email, sending comments on his book. He must have thought me some crackpot cause to me that book is the Gospel.

Anyway, my dilema has been how to structure my yearly training to deal with the bad winter around here and still be ready for the first race in April and then also how to deal with the large gaps in time between the races. We have races in April /May, then a large gap, then again in August, then a break, then again in October.

So for a $40 consult we worked out a general macro view of the year, that I think is going to work great. It's amazing how much better I feel about the whole thing. No more second guessing or trying something out only to waste another year beacuse it didn't work. Money well spent I would say.

So this is the gist of it. I'm glad for this Blog so it allows me to get it all on the computer before I forget it.

My last race is October 10. That week, start at the gym for 3 weeks of the adaptation lifting. It's really super easy lifting just getting your body ready for the hypertrophy lifting. Nothing too strenuous. I'm looking forward to lifting. I've done it since highschool and enjoy my time in the weight room. And this will be a good break off the bike.

During the 3 week adaptation phase, I'll still do some riding, just whatever

Then comes the hypertrophy phase starting November 1.
  • 2 weeks Hypertrophy

If I had the time, I'd do 4 weeks.

Now comes where I combine volume riding with lifting. This maybe tricky but in the strength phase I'm only lifting of 2 days/week, and the power phase it is 3 days a week but with some sprints too.

  • Monday- Weights
  • Tues 3-3.5hrs
  • Wed trainer 1.5 hour or 2hr outside (on a trainer you you can ride 70% less time for the same effort as outside)
  • Thursday - OFF
  • Friday - weights
  • Sat - 3 hr
  • Sun - 1hr

That schedule would run through the 2 weeks of Strength, and 2 weeks of Power

  • Strength 2weeks Nov 14-Nov 27
  • Power Nov 28-Dec 11

This puts me at Mid December (December 12)

Now do 2 weeks of the Endurance Phase including the Muscle Endurance work and Leadout Intervals.

(I hate the leadouts, but they are one of the best simulations of mountain bike racing)

This brings me to Jan 1 and time for the SMSP phase.

Dave suggested a 3week block SMSP +1 week rest followed by 3 week MSP + 1 week rest

then another SMSP. This would put me around April 1 and I could start doing in season training with the first race in mid April.

He offers two types of services. $150 a month for full tailored program with unlimited consultations, and $50 a month for just a plan. The plan is still customized to my riding, and ability, but not laid out day by day.

I think I can deal with the $50 plan, because what I really need help with is the specifics of the SMSP phase and how to stair step it over the course of the year.

So now I've got 2 more races, Oct 3 and Oct 10. I'm going to do a 3 week in season plan followed by 1 week rest and then taper up to the Oct 3 race.


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