Monday, August 30, 2004

Filing lawsuit against Reeses Peanut butter cups

So, I think it's time to file a lawsuit against Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

Because they are utterly and totally addicting. I cannot walk past then without buying some.

Worked in the yard sat. trying to remove a stump. What a bitch. 25' tree. 7" trunk, you'd think the stump would come out easy. Man. 4 hrs later sure.

Pry bar, mattock. Forget trying to axe it.

It was so hot, I was soaked in sweat. Really wore me out. Rode on the trainer Sat evening, and tried to do some 1min efforts at 300w. Not a whole lot of power in the legs

Sunday I road Tabor to Sandy Ridge and up Harding. 12:29 from the Church sign to the break in the pavement up top. I tried to really push some of the rollers, but didn't have anything in the legs. at least it felt like that. But I was still moving pretty well. On Harding, I pushed some bigger gears since the last time I was there even though I didn't feel so hot so that is a good thing.

Might try some night riding Wednesday. We'll see. I got my Ebay Sworks wheelset today. They look nice. I'm gonna stick them on the scale and see what they weigh. I still don't like that Skraxle thing for the front, But we shall see. I might sell the front and build a another, but the red rims sure to look nice as a set.



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