Monday, September 13, 2004

New PR up Old Farm

I got a new PR climbing up Old Farm trail yesterday. I start timing from the first little creek crossing, and end it at the top of the trail

This beats my last best time by almost a minute. Man I was moving. Some places I was holding big ring and going fast enough to float over some rocks. This included several dismounts so if I was able to clean some of those and hold some more speed I see 16:00 as doable.

So I am just trying to hold this form through the last two races on the 3rd an the 10th of October.

Yesterday's ride I call Up the Downs. I want up OF, down sidewinder, up sidewinder, down beast and up beast and back home. All in about 2hrs.

One promising thing is that my downhilling is getting faster in general. And not just one day here and there, consitently over the last week or so, I just feel more comfortable. I put a new light stem on there and maybe that tweaked my position a little. Or maybe I am just looking farther forward, or just getting some of my timing back. But it's good

Now if I can just figure out how to do a small front wheelie while climbing and land it so that my strong foot is forward so that I can bunny hop over a ledge, w/o losing momentum than I will be golden. I used to be able to do that but can' t time it right anymore.


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