Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Mock race Sunday

On Sunday I went to Brush to do sort of a mock race sim. It is hard to motivate when it is just yourself, and I sure didn't have the type of focus I had a Massanutten, but hey I tried.

Started at parking lot, short warm up to intersection with Horse annex and basin trail. That was my start point. Rode up it then up to the Beast. Going down beast is gettng faster for me a little. My hands hurt so much though.

Trying to brake in rough sections places a lot of strain on them. I don't know if doing forearm work will help because the pain is in the hands not my arms. I'm trying to get better at where I look, and how to get more comfortable at speed.

The biggest problem is ridding on the loose soil, that sketchy feeling of always sliding. I need to get better at that.

I then rode up to the gaps and all the way to where the race start will be, then turned around and rode back on the gaps to the intersection where I started at . Stopped to talkto Chris B for about 5 mins.

total time was 2:15 so I am assuming without the chat it would have been 2:10. I had really no warmup and didn't ride as hard as if it was a real race, so my target goal is to beat 2:05

My legs felt pretty good, and I pushed middle ring on all the rock gardens and loose rock climbs on the way back on the gaps which was when they would be the most fatigued. So that is good.

All in all, ok. I rode a short ride on the single speed the next day. Out Tabor to Bishop then up Happy Hollow and Harding. That was hard, but I wanted to work my legs as much as I could for a short ride.

1 day completely off, and I better get on the trainer tonight otherwise the legs will be too stiff.


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