Saturday, July 08, 2006

Time trial results

Did the Mill Mountain Time trial today in Roanoke- offroad version. I haven't felt all that great the last few days. Not sure if I overdid it this past weekend or if it's a slight sickness going around the family. Got to the parking lot and didn't do the best warmup, and the legs weren't feeling all that good.

The start was up this wicked steep alley. The starting alleys were the steepest part of the whole course. I opted to take them really easy. This seemed to be a good call as I hit the single track feeling ok. It was hard to find a good gear, and I seemed to be between the small and middle ring wishing for an easier gear in the middle, and a harder on in the small. I went down to the 4th cog when in the small ring, I think I should have tried the 5th one before moving up to the middle ring.

The course was really smooth, non technical. You have to use the same bike for the XC and climb if you are doing the omnium course and I opted for the full suspension. Because the XC course has some technical in it and I haven't been riding the hardtail at all. I also run pretty low tire pressure for general technical XC and this was also a liability today. But in hindsight with the big climb tomorrow the hardtail probably would have been better.

Did a good job of staying in the sweet spot for the most part. A pre-ride would have done wonders for me though. I think I could have gone harder during the middle singletrack. Also there was a downhill section and for whatever reason my skills seem off. At the top I thought I was near the finish and that it was going to be paved path the rest of the way, and went hard, then it went back to grass and a real grinder to the finish. So I was totaly blown by that part and seemed to be going backwards.

The time was ok, but there were some much faster times. Good enough for 3rd in Vet Sport. Though the first place vet sport guy had the FASTEST time of everyone there. I heard the guy's nickname is 'Automatic upgrade'

I got one of the sweet medals that they give out. I've coveted those things for years. Though my kids were playing with it and I can't find it now!

At home my legs have been hurting a lot. So we'll see about tomorrow. Not sure what is going on. Last Sunday's ride called for 2hrs, but I ended up doing 3+ and riding hard with the duracels on the shoulder trying to show off for some friends I met up with on the trail. So I wonder if I am just not recovering well enough.

The time is probably going to be around 1:40 or so. A little on the short side for my tastes. On very long fire road climb, long descent, some fun single track.

Again my goal is to stay focused and ride good solid steady pace.


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