Monday, October 17, 2005

Notes to self

For resitance training

2weeks hypertrophy
2weeks strength
-retest 1 rep max
2weeks hypetrophy
2weeks strength

then power phase

In SMSP phase
1)increase total work volume compared to last year
2)do some sessions where power is set 3-4% higher than the highest typically performed in interval and just hold it as long as possible
-example. 2min interval hold for 1min 30-45seconds then rest for 3. next rep do it again hold as long as possible, don't worry if can't make 2min.

In MSP phase
-instead of 1x12, do 2x6 or 3x4 at higher power output but with some rest. So total work volume is same, but total work is higher

Race sim rides:
Still missing the high race intensity.
-Start with some leadout and SMSP intervals, then continue ride like it was a race
-Or do some road work with Leadout followed by SMSP, and repeat until fried.

-On long courses with adequate room to pass and course knowledge, then let the start go and settle into the right pace.
-Better to go at slower pace and NOT cramp than it is to go at higher pace and cramp with 1/2hr to go.


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