Friday, October 07, 2005

DIY Lights for night riding

Being that time of year again, thought I'd repost this info on DIY lights and another nice tutorial on DIY lights, along with some general info on niteriding.

Great DIY light tutorial

My DIY light post from earlier

Making it Easier-Night Riding tips

just for the record, I don't actually ride with those home jobbbies I made except on the commuter. Though I am going to try them offroad pretty soon. I have some old Turbo Cat

and an old night rider helmet mount. These are both halogen technology. Which in one sense is considered old technology in these days of Metal halide and LED lights. Yet many light companies still produce product with Halogens because they are a great value and still produce some decent light. A lot of companies now are rolling out some incredible lights with some serious light output.

Sometimes more is better, I have terrible night vision so more light always seems better. And if you are racing 12 and 24 hours then more light for better riding is going to be a priority. But if you are just riding for fun, a lower priced halogen system may be fine for you. The technology has been around a long time and could be more reliable than the newest latest and greatest.

But there is also something cool about riding with what you made.

Honestly I have not been night riding in many many years, and this year want to make more of an effort to get out, as it is truly fun. But going alone can be really freaky as I can attest to and probably ill advised.


At 2:58 PM, Blogger dmc said...

hey, I've enjoyed your blog over the past few months, as a racer in a similar position it is a good read. I just started my own page and added a link in to yours. Visit sometime. Keep the updates coming.


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