Sunday, October 09, 2005

The fragility of a cyclist

When you cycle, and all you do is cycle, you create a lot of deciciencies in your body. Cross training is great and all, as is lifting. But after my 10-12 weeks of lifting in the off season, I really don't do anything at all except ride.

Today I was hiking with the boys at the Pond. I wore some old shoes because it was going to be muddy. These have no ankle support and I have terribly weak ankles. So we hiked, and not a strenuous hike by any means, around 40 minutes. And now my ankle is messed up. I was practically limping on it earlier but now it feels a little better.

But I can't tell you how many times I've done simple things like weed eat, or pick up a kid, or close a car door with my hip, or throw a football..., and felt some sort of krick pop up in the body.

It's a good thing I lift during the off season. And I wish I had to time to do some other cross training to keep a more balanced body like soccer, jumping rope, or god forbid running. But I've made racing a priority right now and that means that all available time needs to be devoted to it.


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