Friday, February 12, 2010

interesting snowboarding instructional site

I'm doing a little snowboarding this winter. It's a fun activity, but also very very challenging for me and hence also rewarding. In some ways I think I've hit a little plateau in improving and some bad habits. Flailing rear arm and using twisting the upper body (ala windmilling) to get turns to initiate faster are two. The last time I rode, the snow was choppy and some small moguls were appearing, and it was easy to fall into the trap when tired of twisting the upper body hard the opposite way of needing to turn.

One tip I've seen and read about is holding your arms clasped behind your back or grasping the sides of your pants to help ingrain the right movements.

Here's a site I came across that has some of the best content. Looks like a lot of work went into these including some admitted hokie scripts.


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