Tuesday, March 27, 2007

training summary

4 sets of 8x0:20 on 0:20 off

burning legs. Only concerned about getting cadence up to 120-130 and holding it there for the duration. Also concerned about smoothing out pedal stroke. Not concerned about actual pwr output which was pitiful anyway.

These hurt and are uncomfortable and I used to avoid these. However now I know how important they are. Great tool for conserving momentum through technical sections.

early morning up/down Old Farm. Just coffee then hit the bike. energy drink on ride.

I know I'm in a lot better shape than several years ago because I can actually do this trail in an 'easy' mode. In the past there was never any easy because just getting up would kill me.

However just this year I've got the base fitness to go up it in a controlled manner with only a few excursions into red line territory. The great thing is that by holding things in check there is enough turbo available to clean it more easily.

Got home, quick shower and eat, then commuted into work on bike.

Textbook bonk creation. After eating at home, I got really bonked/dizzy on the way into work. Took about 1/2hr to clear up.

Something is wierd with my position on the bikes. After the long ride on Sunday my triceps were very fatigued. I presume from spending so much time in the drops. Today on the dually off road, there was no tricep pressure/fatigue. But in the commute in on the hardtail my arms were feeling that tired fatigued feeling.

Either something is messed up on my hardtail setup (saddle tilt or drop to bar). Or I also think that when riding offroad, you are so much more dynamic that you don't build up the kind of cummulative fatigue in the triceps like you do on the road bike or riding the mtn bike on the road.

Note- put race wheels on which have almost new tread on them. Wow. tread makes such a difference in handling!


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