Sunday, March 25, 2007

nutrition notes

250-280g/carb 3hr before

2 Ensures
2 waffles+syrup
Vanilla Yogurt+grape nuts trail mix

3.5hr road ride.
stomach hurt little early on.

Too much e-drink at first.

on ride
-2large bottle drink
-1.5 boiled potatoes

store at 2hrs
mid sized gatorade
nutter butters
Brown sugar pop tarts
bottle of water

Ixnay on the pot-A-toe. Cooked too long, too starchy. Salted night before but not enough. Pop tart worked good. Not too sweet, a little crumby but 68g/package
Nutter butters good too

With solid food, need more plain water. E-drink fine by itself. but when switching to solid food need to switch to plain water.

13:30 Harding.


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