Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Azure setup
120 in main
55 in SPV
Sag 25% (9.5mm)

Tight pedaling, not good small bump, not best traction. Didn't blow through travel like it has in the past.

Tues, decent feeling legs 1.5hr only few parts hard, rest easy

Wed 1hr on road bike, legs felt dead

Lower back really hurting. I think I've been working on my positioning for downhilling more. Supposed to get low and have flat back. Over the past months my skills have decreased. I think it's because I've been protecting my lower back and raising up my upper body. Especially during braking and cornering.

When braking you need to move COG back to counteract braking forces pushing you forward. key is to SLIDE back, keeping back flat, chest low. I've been lifting my upper body, which moves weight back but also raises COG.

When cornering chest needs to be low. Bike is leaned into the corner but chest should stay in same position, so that when the bike comes back up you're back in the same position as before the corner. I've been lifting my upper body up while leaning the bike into the corner. This raises COG and also takes weight off the front wheel= washout, poor cornering.

Vision needs to be up, looking well down the trail and relying on peripheral vision. Neglecting this a lot.


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