Thursday, October 12, 2006

no more goo*gle ads

As you may have noticed, I removed the Google adsense. Why? Well I've made so much money off the clicks that there is no need for them. Yeah right. What a crock. No indication of any income. What was I thinking. They just clutter everything up and give the impression of being on of those sights whose sole purpose is to get you to the page in order to click on something.

I was looking for some info the other day, and there was such a lack of content that is sickened me, the main things that came up were just crap with tons of adsense links.

This site is a BLOG first and foremost to chronicle my mountain bike training. But it is important to me to also include good content that is of use to others. Reviews, bike setup, skills, nutrition, tinkering, trail descriptions, racing calendars, etc...My thinking is that if I spend an inordinate amount of time/effort analyzing something, that someone else out there may find if useful.

Content w/o adsense clicks. If I'm gonna get rich because of my passion for mountain biking it certainly isn't going to happen from Google.

Back to regularly scheduled programming. though I imagine that I'll drop down in search rankings for those obscure search terms like Black 80 SPV or Iron Horse Azure.


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