Thursday, October 12, 2006

C'mon Sucka

Big Race this weekend. It's probably the one race on the calendar that I work towards more than any other. But I'm actually finding it hard to get focused and motivated.

It's a contrast from the last race where the fear galvanized my focus. It's not that I'm not scared cause I am. I did the expert course about 8 years ago but haven't raced this whole course. It's a challenging course no doubt.

One of my strong characterstics is hyper focus, but that's also a negative, cause it's easy to get off track and lose site of the goals I've been working towards since last October. For various reasons my mind is going in overdrive but not on the race. Work, stuff.

My fork needed service. So then I was on the hardtail, now I took my other fork off my wife's back and put it back on the Azure. So I'm not totally comfortable on the bike. My skills have been lacking a little so I've been analyzing that. My legs aren't feeling that good. Throat feels a little soar...Stuff to do, thoughts about bike setup, even contemplating hardtail vs FS...Even starting to think about the training plan for the upcoming season. Ironic to be thinking about next year when the one race the I've been thinking about all year is only a few days away.

I was on Yahoo checking on the VT score and saw this little pic of one of the most motivating forces in my racing life: Mr. T.
TV Land#01176

The focus is coming around.

Come On Sucka!

I've been working since last October. One period into another period. Those lifting sessions, the cold cold rides, the puke fest interval sessions in the basement. The skills training, the race simulations, the eating right...That's a lot of effort to just waste to a hyperactive mind.

I recall the first race I won in April 2005, one the last lap on the last climb I used mantras from Rocky III to motivate me. Clubber Lang motivating me with a gut punch. This time Mr.T is motivating the regular citizenry in his new show. Maybe I could use a little tough love from the man.

Time to get it together. Shut up foo with all this my legs hurt, do I have fever, where I am going in life..Jibba Jabba

I should get one of these and strap it on my bike

"Don't give up so soon fool, Sucess is always near, you'll get there sooner or later, you just gotta perservere."

This is a quote for the ages.

Pity not this fool, Mr. T, I'm taking your teachings to heart.


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brush mountain is a chump!

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have three little words for you my friend:




-capt pearl


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