Friday, August 18, 2006

PRQ #11: Bart Gillespie

This is entry # 11 of the PRQ Series

Bart Gillespie



This series has sort of died away as all the recent requests for interviews I've sent out have not been returned. Bart had seen the series on the BLOG and sent in his answers. I appreciate it very much as Bart represents exactly the kind of athlete that inspires me (family, job), and I hope his sponsors appreciate a little (we all know how little!) bit of exposure.

If there are any other pros/semi-pros that would like to be part of the series, you can find the questions here. Just email them back to me at Being a family man or woman is not a prequisite


Who are your sponsors that you’d like to recognize?
Raleigh, SRAM, Rockshox, Truvativ, Rudy Project, Wooblenaught, cliff bar, kuhl, mavic, Revolution, dueter packs.

What makes an athlete a 'good investment' for a sponsor?
Direct sales are nice but otherwise exposure and product feed back.

How long have you been racing mountain bikes, how long as a pro?
I have been racing about 15 years, as a pro for 3 or 4.

What are your goals for 2006?
Win some mountain bike and cyclocross races and have fun and be healthy. With a family and carrer I don't like to set a bunch of specefic goals

Bike Geek Stuff.

What bikes do you race on? What other bikes do you own?
Raleigh Aluminum hardtail for most MTB races, also uses a Raleigh Inferno full suspension for endurance or extremly rough races. 2 killer Raleigh cyclocross bikes, I should be getting some new ones soon. A full carbon Raleigh road bike. I also have a Raleigh commuter bike with full fenders and lights for riding to work in the winter. A nice BMX bike, my 24" BMX was stolen.

How do you see XC technology changing over the next 5 years?
Lighter full suspension, although I hope it does not go too complicated and expensive so those that have the sponsors or means have a great advantage over the little guy.

What component or cycling gear would you pay full retail for if you had to?



How many hours a week do you train (min, max, average)
min- 2 hrs, max 15ish maybe 20, average maybe 10 hrs

Do you have a coach?

Do you follow a scientific periodized cycling specific training program or ‘just ride’?
I have a general plan but just ride how I feel.

Do you strength train?
I move rocks, haul wood, dig dirt, landscape, shovel snow. Who needs a weight room.
editor's note: I saw all the landscaping and construction Bart does at his BLOG. Whew!

How do you recover after a hard ride or workout?
I like choclate milk and playing with my 1 year old daughter but lately I have been landscaping the home we recently built which I don't recomend.

What is your nutrition protocol during a 2-2.5hr XC race?
a few cliff shots, drink as much cliff endurance drink as possible- I like green apple

What is your pacing strategy for an 2-2.5hr XC race?
Go fast at the start and try to hold the pace to the finish


How do you balance the stresses of regular life with training and recovery?
I work full time as a physical therapist, have a family, and have just built a new home so this is often a challenge for me. I commute to a from work for alot of my training to save more time for the family. I find my training is most limited by how much recovery I can get.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
I don't feel guilty about any of my pleasures

What advice do you have for those of us with families, and full time jobs who want to race our best?
You can get very near your full potential with very little training time. Be consistent and don't get to out of shape in the off season becasue you won't have the time to build all the way back up. Make it part of your lifestyle. Train for life not racing.


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