Friday, July 08, 2005

evasive maneuvers

Did two laps of the Jello Circuit today. Called that because by the time you are done your legs feel like Jello. Lots of short steep hills.

Down to Ellet Valley/Lusters Gate, then up Deerfield that has 3 major steps in it. Down Nellies Cave, then left up the Woodland Hills horseshoe. back to Lusters Gate, Right on L. Gate then left into the back way of the Country club and along some steep rollers that go behind the club back to L. Gate. Left on L. Gate and back to Deerfield- repeat then head back up Ellet to work.

On the 2nd loop I was going down a steep right hander in the Country club. A gravel dump truck was coming the other way and I must have been right in his A-pillar's blind spot. This is a common way that cars don't see bikes, because as we are riding towards them, they are coming towards us, and if we are blocked by the door pillar we will stay invisible because of our relative movement towards eachother

He started to cut the corner's apex as if there was no one there. Coming right towards me. So I'm getting squeezed towards the apex, lock up the rear it skids out about 6 inches to the left, which allows me to quickly change directions to the right and I bunny hop of the road into the gravel shoulder, continue straight and bunny hop back onto the road and on my way.

Funny thing was it was nothing but a thang. No sudden spike in heartrate, or life flashing before eyes, or cold sweats. Just a flick of the bike, hop, some booney crashing gravel riding, hop back on the road and on we go.

I'm not known as a good road bike handler. But am a decent mountain bike rider. Lately my rear has been skidding out a lot because of the more powerful brakes and the dry conditions (well before yesterday's storm came through) So I must have built up a comfort level with the rear wheel moving underneath me.

Sucks to have been put in that position, but cool to have pulled it out like that.

No clue if that guy ever knew I was there or not.


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Wishing you all the best!

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This can't work in fact, that is exactly what I consider.


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