Thursday, January 13, 2005

Party's over

Yesterday was a record high in this part of Virginia. 65+. Got in 2.5hrs on the road bike. Felt really strong. Did a hill climb in at least a full gear higher than I usually do.

Severe cold front moving in to bring lower than normal, so we are going to pay the price for the nice weather we had for the past few weeks.

Yesterday I did a road ride but just felt un motivated and was going real slow with dead legs. No idea why. Maybe being tired, who knows.

My sleep/congestion problems are so on/off right now.

Sleep problems:
-trouble falling and staying asleep
-light sleep waking at every light/noise, movement
-severe nasal congestion waking me up early in the morning

Sleep Specialist Recommendation:
-Ambien 10mg or Ambien 5mg+Melatonin
-1 or 2 sprays of Oxymetazoline at bed ONLY, not during the day

-pretty good
-Oxymetazloline keeps my nose clear through the night and the Ambien 10mg works real well, except I can't take 10mg on back to back days. The 5mg+Melatonin works well to get me to sleep but doesn't keep me asleep as well as the 10mg

The BIG problems is that after the Oxymetazoline wears off the next day, my nose if 80-100% stuffed. I mean can not freaking breathe. If I take Sudafed it is ok, not great but almost bearable, if I don't take it like today, I am screwed.

I also have not had my morning coffee for several days and heard that coffee helps with congestion.

But I am real worried that I am getting rebound congestion from using the Oxymetazoline, even though I am only using it once at night.

I am making an appt with my ENT to talk about options. But today it is bad bad bad. Yesterday wasn't as bad and I didn't take Sudafed, but I did have some tea.

Who knows, but if I could I'd chop my nose off completely today.

I don't know if it is allergues causing the severe congestion or what. We'll see if the cold front moving in helps things at all


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