Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter


Went to Douthat Park for Easter. Freak cold snap made it a little chilly but still fun. Kids had fun and even got some snow for the Easter Egg hunt. Got some short rides in.

The scouting for the Middle Mountain Momma included some snow squalls that hopefully won't be there in May.

This race is hard. There are long climbs combined with very steep grunts combined with a fair amount of small chatter. I'm going back and forth regarding which bike to race.

The lower parts of the trail are pretty rough with lots of embedded rocks and creek bed riding. But there is quite a bit of somewhat smoother climbing. For me the single track downhills don't favor a FS except for the bottom sections. Maybe a hardtail with a 100mm fork would be a good option.

The cummulative fatigue from the chatter is probably the biggest benefit to the FS, but the volume of climbing favors the hardtail. The FS has the edge in the steep loose climbing but only if you've got the gas use it. I hike-a-biked the Mountain Top grunts this weekend on fresh legs. Actually jogged up them a little which makes me want to add some hike-a-bike specific training into some rides just to toughen up the calves.

Friday the legs felt really good, just like last Friday. I am not sure why they are feeling so snappy each Friday and need to look at the log to see if there is a pattern there.


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