Monday, April 10, 2006

The world needs a carbon DW XC bike

Giant showed off a carbon Anthem at Sea Otter. I can't imagine what that weighs.

Ibis has got a carbon 5.5" DW link bike that is already sold out through November.

Where is the carbon 3.5-3.75" or 4" DW link XC bike? Well there is the IF Tungsten Electrode but that is just too too boutique to be consdered.

I don't know why I'm on this soap box. Maybe it's just that what I consider the perfect (aggressive) XC Race machine isn't out there yet.

-Relatively affordable
-DW link
-3.75-4" rear travel
-Lightweight-meaning competetive in weights to the Anthem, Racer X, Flux, Blur XC...

It's not like the technology isn't there. The Azure is the closest thing IH has got, but how can you place it in the same league as a Carbon Anthem or a Carbon Trance which is rumored for next year?

For now I'm going to ride the Hollowpoint and weight weenie parts to create a good buildkit until the right bike comes along, or there is a good deal on an Azure! One thing about the HP is that it pedals and climbs so good, that any shortcomings in weight can be forgiven for the time being.


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