Monday, May 09, 2005

Making Ergo levers work with small hands

The newer road shifting levers liks STI and Ergo are wonderful. However with all the technology you would think that they would figure out a way to add a reach adjustment for the brake levers. Heck, even the cheapest mountain levers have reach adjustment.

For people with small hands it can be quite difficult getting to the brake levers especially when in the drops. Years ago there were very few low reach, low drop bars. Nowadays with all the women specific marketing going on there are more bars available with really short reach/drop. Salsa Poco is one of them. I have used the 3T Morphe which is no longer made but I'm sure 3T made a replacement for it. But even with these shorter reach bars it still can be tough to get to the lever.

Here is what I did with my Ergo levers. I drilled/tapped in the lever body and placed a hex head set screw. Yes it is very daunting taking a drill to your new shifters, but this has worked very well to help me dial in the reach to the levers when using different bars.



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