Friday, October 17, 2008

Maybe a trainer ride this morning

With sleep aid medication, like Ambien, it's quite often that I wake up early. If I try to go back to sleep more often than not the remaining sleep is fitful. This half sleep leads to a groggy feeling so it's better to just get up.

Today I get up and say, 'you know,self, I need a ride bad. The stresses of the times are putting me on the edge' Gotta fuel up right to ride so start hitting some carbs. It's still pitch dark outside and didn't check the weather but assumed it would be at least rideable.

My wife comes down and in our conversation says that she's going to skip running because it is raining. Raining!. I check out the back and sure enough it's raining.

Ate those carbs. Now what am I gonna do. Gotta burn it off somehow. Maybe it's time to pull ye old trainer out. It has honestly been 6-8 months since I've been on it. Maybe twice and both those workouts were bust. The trainer used to be a magnet for me drawing in the moth to the flame. But these days I have no desire, no drive to get on it.

The saving grace for me is the terrain here. It's hilly. So by virtue of the route I can hit many hills. No need for desire. The only way to get home is to get through the hills. A 1hr hilly ride 2x a week provides enough effort to keep me with a little fitness.

I hope the trainer still works. But betcha I make it no more than 10 mins!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Thank you to the mountain

Thank you to whoever invented cycling and the mountain bike.
Thank you to the mountain for letting us play on you.
Thank you for a way to leave behind worries and burdens for a few moments. And if I don't well then I'll be on the ground cause you can't corner and downhill unless you're focused on the moment.