Friday, May 23, 2008

PD4A day 6 or 7

So I figure I'll throw out some random thoughts as I go day to day on this Paleo Diet for Athletes.

-Need to have some fruit/veggies on hand between meals. Went to the movies with my son and had eaten at noon. Around 2-3 just felt really weak. Afterwards got some fruit in me and felt better.

-Also around 11pm same thing. But I don't want to eat that late. Should have been in bed a little earlier anyway.

-Last night school function. Only thing around was Pizza and bake sale. Pizza was good. Very little desire for the bake sale stuff. 90:10 philosophy. Go for 90% of the time, 10% diversion from the plan is required. Sort of like training. A good plan executed 80% of the time is better than a bad plan executed 100% of the time.

-Cravings for pasta, candy, doughnuts are not as bad as I thought.

-Grapes banannas seem better for me. Apples make me feel hungier after eating.

-This is going to get expensive. Fish, chicken, lean meat. And lots of it to feel satiated.

-Need more ideas for eating out fast food. Not sure who's got the best salads. But need more meat to make it substanial enough. This isn't a diet, I'm not cutting back on calories. So it eat as much as you want, just of certain foods at certain times.

-As I read in somewhere else on the net, the scale and the mirror are motivators. Only been a few days but already feeling fitter similar to last year. That tight skin feeling. Could just be dehydration too. Earlier this year, without the motivations for racing, I definitely had been upping the snacks. So I can't say definitively if just cutting out the crapola for the last week is the reason, or if it is this eating plan.

-I will be surprised if I make it to 4 weeks. It's going to get interesting the next few weeks when the transition period gets harder and the newness of this obsession wears thin.

-Today will be a good test riding later in the afternoon. I'll carb it up 10mins prior and carb up on the ride.


At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For high quality protein on the cheap, try chicken thighs. You can get them boneless and skinless for ease of cooking. Chickens don't fly, they strut. So, the thighs and legs are packed with the constituents that you need, i.e. more mitochondria and other intracellular stuff for muscle. Cheaper and better. Yeah. Also, re. fast food, try Wendy's: side salads and CHILI rock. With Chili, you get the beans and the ground beef. Wendy's has baked potatos and orange cups as well for ridin' days when you burn more fuel.

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Keith said...

For breakfast, I usually eat some fish, nuts and berries. I've gotten to where I like the fish at breakfast, but my wife thinks I'm crazy. I'll make eggs on the weekends (in part, so I don't eat too many).

I typically cook a bunch of meat at once and keep it the fridge for later. At least enough to get through a few days. I think it's too hard if you have to cook something every day.

I do still eat some bread, usually as part of a sandwich. I really don't eat pasta or cereal anymore.

I agree with your comment that it's tough to snack on only fruit from a hunger perspective. My morning snack is usually nuts and raisins. My afternoon snack is some fruit, but I eat again not too long after my afternoon snack. Apples make me hungrier also... I have no idea why.

I don't really have good suggestions for the cost. I try to buy whatever produce is on sale, rather than sticking with specific foods. You get a little more variety that way also.

The trick for me in sticking with the Paleo diet, at least early on, was to keep the non-Paleo stuff out of the house. My wife was basically on board with this, so it worked pretty well for me. I've been eating this way long enough now though that I wouldn't go back.


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