Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Great article on XC racing

Here is a great newsletter article on XC mountain bike racing (see pages 5-8)

It is one of the best primers on the technical and physical demands of mountain bike racing I've read. It also validates a lot of the training I've been doing with the Morris methods.

XC racing is an incredible combination of cycling disciplines. It requires endurance fitness, top end speed, and power. In addition, it also requires an incredible amount of balance and finesse as well as serious body english. Sometimes you have to float, othertimes you have to throw your whole body into it.

There is also a technical equipment component. You've got to know how to shift, when to shift, how to pedal in rocks and steep climbs. You've got to know how to set up your suspension (Front and rear), tire pressure, tire selection, etc. And be able to fix a lot of it ON the TRAIL.

Finally, XC racing is 'realistic' for many of is in the real world. A 2-3hr event is just more managable in terms of training and doing events. 1 day to get there, race and get back. (This doesn't include the packing/unpacking though) But endurance events like 12-24hrs or 100milers require a significant amount of logistical preparations and also require a day or more to just do the event.

With the demands of jobs and families XC racing is a wonderful venue to push ourselves and achieve some goals. And even if you're working out some childhood issues through racing, it has got to be one of the funnest ways to push yourself.

It's nice to see it coming back and hopefully more people will realize what a wonderful activity it is.


At 2:17 PM, Blogger BB said...

Great article. At first - as I was reading about menstruation and pregnancy - I was wondering why the heck you had linked this article. Then I got down to the bottom of the .pdf file and found the quality stuff you were talking about.

I'm still in search of an in season Morris typical weekly training regimen. Not owning his book, I'm in the blind on that.


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