Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Training update

As of this past Saturday I was feeling much better and got back on the bike. The plan as to go easy for 1.5 hrs but that wasn't going to work.

Given the planned rest week and the additional time off from being sick, I just had to let the legs go a little. Combine that with the horrendous wind and the ride was harder than 'planned'

The legs were feeling spetacular and on a very steep extended hill they just flew. I had a compact crankset on there and it took the edge off the hill enough that it was pure power the whole way up.

1.5hrs isn't too much but I was really tired the rest of the day. So I just napped and went to sleep early.

Sunday was some MSP on the trainer. 3x10 planned but I just did 2. I didn't want to push it too much after being sick.

Monday I did some more MSP but outside on some real hills. The legs were definitely starting to fade some. It's funny how they've been rested for more than a week and a half but it takes just two days to fatigue them.

The hills are a great place to do MSP on the 2nd or 3rd day in a block. It's good motivation and a good interval because you gotta make it to the top and you can't cheat as much as on a flat road.

It was hard. There was a headwind, strong headwind, blowing down the road. Usually hills are a good place to go when it's windy but not today. 2x10 min on one hill and then 1x10 on this other very steep hill.

Overall a good workout. But mentally it felt like I was crawling. These 2nd/3rd day consecutive days of training play with your head a little. Because I always compare them to the really good days when the legs are fersh. It's actually rare that you can ride feeling like superman. But it's these rides where you push 2 and 3 days in a row where the best training actually takes place.

Of course, temper these blocks with plenty of rest.

Monday was a more mtb specific workout. 1bys but with 0:45 rest. This is where you start training the body to go hard with insufficient rest. Tough workouts. But it went pretty well.

Day off today, 1hr Zone 2 tomorrow. Then if work opens up, may subsitute a long easy ride in place of an MSP workout.

Overall, I'm feeling ok. The legs are tired but I think they'll bounce back after two days of rest. Mentally, it felt like I went slow on the second day of hillclimbing but I compared my times on one of the climbs to last year. I was 1 minute slower than my best time. But with the headwind and being early in the year that's actually really good.

I'm not as hungry as during the SMSP phase.

A little tired but as usual regular life is in full swing. One kid was sick, second kid is really sick now, working nights a little. Been losing a little sleep, but worse is my wife has been losing more sleep. Word o the wise. If Momma aint happy aint nobody happy.

So I'm not going to really overdo it until things settle down a bit more.


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