Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's old is new again

Had an interesting ride on Brush Mtn this morning. We head out early in the hopes of hitting the ground while it was frozen before it thawed into a soupy mess. It was frozen all right. But with ice.

Some light snow had melted then refrozen into ice patches. In some spots there was a light dusting of snow on top of hard ice. It made for some interesting riding. You had to push a bigger gear to keep the rear from sliding out which was along the lines of Muscle Endurance work.

It made those old trails brand new. I love Brush. Been riding here for almost 15 years. It never gets old. It's fun to just mix it up and change routes and even create little circuits or just do repeats up certain trails.

And you had to be really loose on the bike. You had to let the bike move underneath you and use all the cockpit. This was great practice for Dragon's Back's rock gardens. In fact, we did a route today that was designed to simulate parts of Dragon's Back

Dragon's Back is a lethal combination of single track climbing, technical rock gardens, and benign looking fire road that just puts the nails in the coffins. We ran up sidewinder and down beauty to get some single track climbing, then headed over to the gaps for some rocky trails. Then we went up Grizzly to get some hike-a-bike. Then added some fire road to 460 for the death dealing to the legs.

Of course what we did was just a fraction of what's in store at D.Back. Definitely, Definitely have got to really get some rides in that simulate that course if not get out there at least one more time to race sim on it.

Amazingly the icy patches from the morning had turned to slush by the time we were done.

I'm quite happy with my riding given where we are in the year. There is definitely some good power there especially when I've got some momentum behind me. The deficiences right now are in climbing. The legs just don't want to turn over. This is to be expected and the next phase of training is going to fix that.

I also ate properly which has prooven to be a requirement for me to have a good ride.
Got up at 6am and started eating for a 9am ride time:

Frozen Wafflesx2=29g

Stoneyfield Farms Vanilla Yogurt=34g
Combined with Grape Nuts Trail Mix=37g

Then some Optimum power something or other oatmeal =29g
with some more syrup=53g

Then topped of with some Power bar drink =30g
-This was a mistake. That stuff doesn't taste good unless I'm riding. Ensure would have been better.

Total Approx. 265g of carbs.

The above has prooven to go down easy and not cause stomach distress.

Then I lay comatose on the sofa for an hour. Had some coffee then got ready to go. I felt a little light headed on the way out there but once we started riding, felt great. On the ride I had power bar drink and had a little of this Genisoy bar.


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