Monday, September 25, 2006

PRQ #12: Jeremiah Bishop

This is Part 12 in the Pro Racer Questionnaire series. The same questions are posed to pros/semi-pros. The idea is to provide some exposure for the athletes and their sponsors as well as share some info with amateur XC racers. The feedback I've been getting from readers is that they love to hear about this stuff from the pros. There is precious little written about XC racing and sponsors need to know that there is a public out there and that XC is going strong.

Jeremiah Bishop


Jeremiah Bishop has been in the local racing scene here for more than a decade. He's been a fixture at the Virginia Series and more recently has taken on the world stage. He's a big name now with his Pan American Medal and the chase for the olympic team featured in Off Road to Athens.

Most recently was his spectacular finish at the Mountain Bike World Championships in New Zealand last month. It was the first top-ten finish at an elite men's world championship in XC in 11 years.

From a fan perspective it's just cool to have a Virginia Boy at the top of the XC charts in a time when most of the pros are located out west. He's a very approachable pro willing to talk about training and gear with anyone. He certainly understands the sponsorship responsibilities of a professional athlete. I've seen him several times leading kid's races and it makes an impression.

I thank JB for his time and wish him well for next season.

The questionnaire:


Who are your sponsors that you'd like to recognize?

Rock Shox
Advantage Physical Therapy
Power Bar
Peaks Coaching Group

What makes an athlete a 'good investment' for a sponsor?

IMPACT not just impressions. How long will you remember your interaction with an athlete or their story? Do you remember a bill board you saw last year?? Probably not.

How long have you been racing mountain bikes, how long as a pro?
I have been racing since the fall of 1992 and I have been pro since mid 1999.

Editor's note: I've been racing since 1991 and ride the back of the bus in Vet Expert. Something doesn't add up!

What are your goals for 2007?

Rock the WORLD. Win the USA National Championships.
Win the Pan- Am Games again. Top 5 @ Worlds.

Bike Geek Stuff.

What bikes do you race on? What other bikes do you own?
Trek 9.9 elite99_chired Top Fuel 110 DSC00848 and a Madone Road Bike madonessl69_pewter.

I am really excited to build up my single speed cross bike next!

Editor's Note: Notice the Power Tap rear wheel and V brakes on the Fuel. Used for training races. I'd love to get a power profile of Massanutten or Douthat. Could you imagine programming that into a Computrainer and doing that as a training ride!

How do you see XC technology changing over the next 5 years?

HMMMMMMM. Well. I think there will be disk brakes on road bikes!
But in regard to XC. I think you will see more athletes training and racing with power meters. Ergomo could be the best MTB system. Also there will be a complete shift in drive technologies in the next 10 years. The main planetary system will be near the center of the bike.
I would have to draw it for ya. :)
Editor's Note: I've heard several pros say the same thing about drivetrain systems.

What component or cycling gear would you pay full retail for if you had to?

Trek Bikes for sure are the best in the world especially the advancements in the new 07 bikes!

Editor's Note: Special kudos to Trek for continuing to sponsor athletes at the grass roots racing level. Their factor teams continue to develop the US's best racers.


How many hours a week do you train (min, max,average)?

Do you have a coach?
Hunter Allen with Peaks Coaching Group.

Do you follow a scientific periodized cycling specific training program or 'just ride'?
I just ride until Hunter has rendered my legs useless. ;)

Do you strength train?
Yes but it is all using body weight. Dr. Bill Johnson with Advantage Physical Therapy designed my core, speed and agility programs. I also do strength work on the bike.

How do you recover after a hard ride or workout?
Cyto max recovery drink, Massage, Epsom salts baths elevation self massage advil and anti oxidants. SLEEP!

What is your nutrition protocol during a 2-2.5hr XC race?
Mostly Gels, Cytomax, and sometimes I will do a late bottle with coke or redbull.

What is your pacing strategy for an 2-2.5hr XC race?

It totally depends. World Cup the first climb is a flat out sprint!!! A high altitude NMBS I will start as slow as possible without falling behind the leader.


How do you balance the stresses of regular life with training and recovery?
Don't sweat the details too much and try to obtain balance with all things in the World.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Coffee and Chocolate only the good stuff though! As the earlier answer says there is not much guilt to it.

What advice do you have for those of us with families, and full time jobs who want to race our best?

Pick a few goals maybe just 3 and KILL IT! Get a coach. With accuracy you can cut your training time in half! Really.

You can't sustain a monk like training program for long not even the best full time racers can so that's why it is important to buckle down for a an 8 week PUSH!

This may require some sacrifice but if you do it right you can bring the trophy to work or home and show them it was worth it.

Then you can say I gave it my best and now I will just have fun and do 2 or three super rides a week. I was working 2 jobs just 4 years ago! So I know.


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good interview Ashwin,
I'm glad to see Jeremiah doing so
well. Nice to know that Virginians can hang with the big boys.


At 8:51 AM, Blogger Jeff Kerkove said...

Good job on the interview...again!

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