Monday, January 09, 2006

Press Release: The Biking Hub

I am really excited to announce the debut of The Biking Hub. The Biking Hub is taking the place of one of the better review site around: Making it Easier. This time around Cory has put together a group of several contributers. I was extremeley flattered when Cory asked me to join the group as the XC racing contributor.

I think my posts go up each Wednesday. They will focus on XC related stuff like training, skills, and XC related product reviews. So I'll be getting some fun stuff to play with. I've already got two articles posted on pacing during races and off season training thoughts

The other contributors come with Freeride, Downhill, and XC backgrounds.

MIE layed some good ground with well done reviews and news updates. Look for the Biking Hub to be everything and more.

Please spread the word and check it often. NEW content will be posted daily. Cory is running this thing PRO-fessionally so it is not just a shoot-from-the-hip blog (like this one).


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