Monday, November 21, 2005

Putting skills training into practice

So I've been trying to put into practice what I learned from Gene Hamilton at Better Ride.

I've been practicing at least once a week on pavement, and every practice session feels a little better. But out on the trails everything still feels a little awkward. Mainly because I've got so many things running through my head that there is too much analysis going on. I try to just concentrate on one thing at a time but that's hard for me.

It's interesting, it's like these same trails that I've ridden for years and years 'look' sort of different. I'm trying hard to keep my head up and level and looking ahead. And relying on peripheral vision to do it's job. It works but it's scary and I'm still not trusting the fact that the peripheral vision will get me safely over stuff.

Getting low on the front still feels awkward.
(*picture from Lee likes bikes)

My turning does feel better. I am carving some nice tracks. But again I'm not sure how much to trust my lean and am worried about washing out being so leaned over. I'm finding myself overturning a lot which means I'm doing it right.

I can't bunny hop too well. Still practicing

But I'm riding in a vacuum a little. Keeping my head up slows things down, even though I 'may' be going faster. So I'm not sure. I haven't any timed downhill runs to compare to. Sometimes it seems like I'm riding faster other times it seems like I'm riding slower because my mind is going through so many things that I screw it up.

Head up
elbows out
chest low
Turn your head into the turn
Lean the bike , lean your body the other way
brake before turns not in turns
Coaster wheelie by movement of CG not yanking the bars

I've ridden a wheelie farther than I have before the other day in practice. That isn't saying much but in a way it says a lot.

So I'm going to try and continue to work on it. And as is the case with many things I'll be going slower before I go faster.


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