Saturday, November 19, 2005

Off Season Training Part 8: In season Training

Ok and what comes after the MSP: I guess you'd call it In Season training. You gotta take some time to get the riding legs under you and get some of that snap back. Sprints, leadout intervals do that.

And now is the time to do some hard riding. Just like races. Dave prescribes lots of training races and also lots of rest. The book provides some examples of 'in season' training for different types of events like road racing, mountain bike racing, time trialing etc.

I'll probably do at least 1 ride still on the trainer. Lots of 2-3hr hard mountain bike rides, hard road rides, and also plenty of easy rides and days off.

But the basics premise is training specificity. If you race mtn bikes well then you gotta train like that. My biggest downfall has been not doing hard group rides or those hard club road rides that just drive you into the ground, and I hope to change that this year.

I don't have the time to just go out and go to a real race every weekend unfortunately as there is no better training than racing.

Also there are those intervals like 3 on, 1.5 off. basically where you DO NOT give yourself the proper recovery before doing the next interval. Cause that is exactly what a mountain bike race is like.

So I guess it's pretty obvious that I like this training program. I've been on it now going into my 3rd year. I'm getting better each year, and I am able to improve, ride at a decent level competitively in my class, and maintain some balance in my life keeping family first.

I like the block concept, as I am a single minded individual even to a fault. And with the blocks I can concentrate on one thing at a time and then move it. It helps to focus me and I like the anticipation for the next block, and like watching the transformation that occurs during each block.

Each phase builds upon the last it it is such a rush to one day be on that ride where it just comes together and you are flying on a different level.

Yes, it is TRAINING. It isn't just go out and ride for fun. But honestly, I am having the time of my life right now. Cause there is NOTHING as much fun as riding strong and fast. Sure I do miss the 'mountain bike lifestyle' of epic rides,and epic dinners afterwards. But things change. And I'm just happy that I am able to ride at this level at my age, and my current place in life. That is fun.

I had a banner year last year, and the biggest breakthrough was understanding that I am pacing myself in races all wrong. I get so worked up about pushing myself as hard as I can and trying to stay with the lead pack that I blow up way too soon. Next year I am going to just let the leaders go and try to ride harder into the second half of the race.

Sure I might never catch the front runners but they are sandbaggers anyway! But I have feeling if I race smarter that I'll be getting some really good finishes and breaking personal records.


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