Sunday, November 13, 2005


Went hiking today at the Cascades.


Local waterfall.
2miles in 2miles out. Kids made it. Had to carry the little one the last stretch. For a relatively easy hike it hurt me. Like I said earlier, I'm not a well rounded athlete with regards to other activities past cycling.

Of course doing coming off a back to back Hypetrophy lifting probably isn't the best thing to do before hiking.

My hip flexors really hurt. Just putting one leg in front of the other hurt.

1 more week of Hyp, then 2 of strength than repeat. I'll get back on the bike some during strength and then into power phase try and get back on. But I'll bet winter will have hit with a vengance by then to make up for the nice warm weather we have been having.

T-giving coming up, travel to SC to see parents.
Not much else going on with regards to cycling, hence the sparse posts.

I've been geeking into road bike stuff lately and will have some posts on an ebay bike I just got.

It's funny I'm not into the tech side of mtn biking right now because there is only one bike I want right now (2005-2006 Iron Horse Azure) So I'm just not checking out much of anything in the mtn bike world. But in road bikes there are just SOOO many choices.

From the dozens of awesome custom builders, to the big names in the US to the Italian and other Euro imports, and the new wave of affordable carbon, etc... lots out there. If anything just something to geek on and obsess over during the winter months.


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