Monday, October 24, 2005

Best wishes to Cory

Cory over at Making it Easier Stacked it the other day. Looks to be minimal injuries thankfully

But I love this description:
I nosed in really hard on a fifteen foot gap jump

From what it sounds like this is was a pretty routine trail for a rider of his caliber. It just highlights the relative wide range of skill sets and what is considered easy or hard.

I crash while clipping-in on a gravel parking lot. It's all relative.

Cory had a great comment at a post at Go clipless regarding a guy that STACKED HARD on a major huge gap jump (watch this movie and cringe). Well said from someone that lives/breathes the free ride world. There is no shame in knowing when to walk something.


At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Ashwin. I'm not yet sure about the full extent of my injuries -- there's a bunch of swelling around my neck and upper back -- but I can say with confidence that it was the worst crash I've had (and I've had some bike-breaking bad ones in my day).

I'm expecting that the medics will confirm that I have a separated shoulder in addition to any muscle damage that might have occurred.

I'll keep everyone who's interested up to date on my site -- this episode won't keep me from riding, but it'll probably keep me honest. For a while.


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