Thursday, October 27, 2005

autopilot lifting

Just lifting now, hardly riding at all. Doesn't bother me. I'd like to ride, but sometimes the less you ride the harder it is to get yourself to get out. It got cold all of a sudden and it's a shock to the system. Stressful at home, stressful at work, don't need to be worrying about not being on the bike, so I'm not. This weekend will be nice and I'll get out.

But I like the lifting right now. Last week of transition. I like the autopilot of it all. Get to the gym, follow the spreadsheet, listen to music. It's not like the weights lift themselves but it is mentally easy. At least for now, next week it will get harder.

It's not like the motivation required to get out for a long road ride in the cold, or the uber motivation required to walk down to the basement for a slog fest interval ride. It's good to take time away so that it makes it all that sweeter when you return. Lots of people say to forget about weights and just to strength training on the bike. Forget that, the last thing I want to be doing right now is 'training' on the bike, there will be enough of that to come. Now just riding would be cool, but I prefer 'training' in the gym right now.

And I have to face the fact that my riding legs are gone. Sure I could get them back under me with a week or two of riding again, but that is not the point right now. But I don't like that the timing has gone on the trail rides. Need to work on that now.

Next is to finish transition and then do my 1rep max estimations then right into the Hypetrophy, which is going to blow the legs sky high. I can already feel them and I'm only doing 4 sets unlike the 6 in Hypetrophy.


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