Friday, July 08, 2005

Wire tieing grips

Ok, if I was cool I wouldn't be on Half pipe gripshifters. Tangent: Oh SRAM. abandoning that which put you on the map. I heard they are phasing out the name gripshifter in favor of twist shifter. Seems fewer and fewer people are on grip shift in favor of the new triggers which are almost universally praised. Well I'm waiting for the adjustability of the 2006 XO triggers to trickle down in a few years then I might switch.

And if I was cooler I'd have lock on grips. I have seen an old post at mtbr where a guy with half pipes cut some lockons in half and used them with the halfpipes. But for now I'm on cutup grips on very small real estate on the bar. Not enough for them to stay on by themselves esp. in wet /humid conditions.

Here is tip from the old days. Wire tieing grips. I use picture hanging wire

I unravel about 5 strands and wrap it around the bar and start twisting with some pliers.

Keep twisting until it is super tight. If you use wire that is too flimsy you'll break it. When done, cut off excess with cutters, and file off sharp pieces and use blunt end of needle nose pliers tp push it up into the grip, to keep any sharp pieces from snagging you. Do it on both ends of the grips.


Not totally fool proof, but better than nothing.

I'll be cool someday soon, with lock ons and triggers.


At 2:02 PM, Blogger James said...

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