Saturday, July 23, 2005

Legs coming back a little

Rode the rigid 8speed today at the pond. Only a middle ring on it, so going up Beauty was tough. That is a fun bike. It feels like I'm going fast even though I know that all around the dual suspension is faster.

Intersting that my hands are hurting more on the dual with the disc brakes than with this bike with V. Even though I know the discs are stronger and I have them set up where the lever pull ends close to the bar. I wonder if the Oury grips on the rigid are giving me more cush. Plus because it is rigid I know that I'm not even going anywhere near as fast on the dual so that means I don't have to slow down as much.

Hot hot hot day. Baking out there. Next post is going to be my prelim review of Elete which I used today.

I was coming down Horse trail and was going to turn around and climb back up it, but on the way down this guy passed me. Looked like a racer. Team kit, Ipod, shaved legs. So I tried to stick with him on the downhill. He had a dual suspenstion Giant,and I was surprised to keep him in sight, and then he started heading to the parking lot so I tried to keep up with him and catch him.

He continued through the lot and kept going so I just tried to catch him and stay with him. Oh I pulled it out and was working hard to just keep him in sight and it looked like he was just noodling along and I caught him and rode with him for a sec.
Then we started climbining a jeep road climb that leads to a single track climb all the way up Brush. He dropped me like a bad habit but I rode on to the transition to single track then turned around and rode back to the parking lot and the car.

After I'd racked the bike and was cleaning up a little, he rolled in. He'd climbed to the top and then across the ridge road and back to the lot in the same time it had taken me to get back to the car and change.

We started talking and turns out he is a semi-pro privateer who was in town visiting. Gave me the nod for riding a rigid 8speed.

Also found a half pack of Spree candy on the trail. MMmm good. pure sugar. Can't beat that.

Legs are getting there but I'm still tired. And that rigid worked me over compared to the dual.


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