Thursday, December 09, 2004

The unbearable light-headness of being

Yesterday evening, I was just run down. Tired, cold, walking around with my hands in my pockets, mumbling about why there is never and chocolate or never any cookies around.

I used to do soooo many projects after the kids went to bed, to the dismay of my wife usually. Woodworking, working on bikes, etc. But lately I am just too drained to do anything but surf the computer or watch TV. Lately she's been asking me when I am, gonna fix or make a new plant stand, or when I am going to make the Kid's window box seats. And we've been talking about putting in a gas fireplace too.

Man, why can't we just sit here and watch reality tv. I'll have to admit that I have some guilty pleasures when it comes to reality shows. Most of them I hate with a passion, but I love Pimp my ride and some real stooopid ones like The Club and Blow Off. Pimp my ride is like those makeover shows or home improvement shows but for men. I SO want to send an entry in for me and my Scooby wagon.

The Club and Blow off are just fun for me, because a nightclub in Vegas and a Hair Salon in Beverly Hills are just about as far removed from my life as you can get.

Well the Cable is getting cancelled pretty soon. My wife gets it for me every year for the Tour, and this year we kept it through the Olympics and then kept it on when the inlaws were in town, and now we've got it on through Virginia Tech football season. But for the most part we haven't had cable for years. Just rent movies.

This time of year is hard. I'm lifting but also riding more than I had in the past. Combine that with work that is hectic to the point that we probably won't be able to go on a little 2 day vaca, and then add in the extra stress fo Christmas and two boys who are bouncing off the walls already for Xmas and you get the makings for a rough roller coaster.

My mountain bike is STILL in pieces. got a tool to help with the BB removal but need a big ass Mr. Precision crescent wrench to turn it. This is gonna suck big time for my skills. Over the years, my speed threshold has dropped considerably to where downhilling is probably my biggest weakness. Where years ago I actually was able to hold my own a little.

This skill ONLY comes with time on the bike for me. And it's been since Oct since I've been on the mountain bike.

This morning I went to the gym, and did some upper body work. I was light headed the whole time. I think it is because I took some Ambien again last night. doing that stuff more than 2 days in a row messes me up a little. I am gonna stick to just doing it once or twice a week.

I think I strained something in my upper back. Turning my head left or right is really tight,and looking up and down I can feel it at the top of my back/bottom of my neck. Heating pad tonight.



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