Tuesday, November 09, 2004

when it raints it pours


I am still sick, this is some head cold that is just lingering. All of us have it, Ansel, Lucas, and Karen and me. Lucas also got a double ear infection out of it. This like his 20th ear infection, and he's had tubes twice. We are talking to the ENT about getting is adenoids out.

On top of that, Karen and Ansel have some sort of mild stomach bug that is making them throw up a little and feel queasy. I have a touch of it.

Always something going on

I'm such a type A person when it comes to researching things. And the Internet only adds white gas to the flame. But when I get INTO something, I just get into it at the expense of everything else. This car purchase has been like that. First researching which car to get with all the reviews, etc. then when we finally picked the one we want after lots of test driving, then it's finding the exact vehicle with the right color, mileage, at the right price.

I've got a great price on one 1hr from here, but going to get a guy in Richmond with a vehicle with 10k less miles to see if he can match it. If he can we'll take the 3.5hr trip up there.

But we just want to be done with it soon.

But I was lifting last Fri, and I just couldn't get into it because my mind was going round and round over this car thing and haggling, etc. and I just bagged it.

I am into my second and last week of hypetrophy. Normally with more time I would do 4 weeks of it, but I am cutting it short so I can start doing some endurance rides in between lifting when in the Strength and Power phase.

It is gonna be interesting to motivate to get out an ride. I've got tons of vacation time, so I am going to take time out during the day to get some rides in, so that I don't have to take too much family time away on the weekends.

So far it hasn't been to cold or wet yet, but that will change next week I'm sure.

Just gotta stay focused. Keep the eye on the prize.... Be ready for April and the first race - Dragon's Back. I've never had a great race there, so I want to be ready for it this time.

Gotta keep remembering that the hard work now pays off months down the road and not tomorrow.


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