Sunday, November 21, 2004

Good day today

Good day today.

First had to do my non-paying job of Daddy fixer of things. Tried to fix my son's helicpoter that they broke the string on the winch. I took the things apart,something like 10 screws that holds two halves together only to find the winch mechanism as a sealed unit. This thing had several screws holding it together.

I decided that discretion was better here and put it back together before I really screwed it up.

Got a super fun ride in on the cross bike. It is set up with a 150mm stem and flat bars. It is still a little scrounched up but really fun.

3/4 on road, 1/4 on a fire rode. 2 hrs 20mins really fun.

Then I put in some shelves in the mud room. Turned out really nice. It is good to accomplish something project wise, as I haven't been doing too many projects lately.

Tomorrow it's travel 2.5 hrs each way to a meeting that really could have been done over the phone, then gotta come home so wife can go to work, than I will go back to work at night to get on the testbed road that I need to get on to finish some stuff and nights are the only available times.


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