Monday, November 29, 2004

Getting back into it

Lifted Sunday. Wasn't too bad. The leg press seems pretty easy. It is fun to rack lots of weight on it being such a small person. I am up to 4 plates a side. And next week my final set will be with 5 plates a side.

Did 3 hrs today. On the flat bar cross bike. that is a super fun bike. Faster than mtb on the road, but fun to take on gravel. Not as fast as road bike but with these cold endurance rides, I don't want to go that fast.

I only brought some gels with me. I need to bring some solid food on these rides, I think they'd be more enjoyable.

It was in the 40s. with the clouds and wind probably low 40s with the sun upper 40s. I seems to be dressed about right
-SS jersey
-LS jersey
-Power shield jacket (breathable under arms and on back
-thick tights
-shoes w/ neoprene booties
-skull cap
-liner gloves
-wind stopper shell gloves

Tomorrow will be at least 2hrs on the bike, then wed starts the last week of Strength phase. Weights go up again and sets come down to 5,4,3,2

It's always amazing that by this time I am doing sets of 2 reps at my original max that was set early on. I didn't actually set maxes this time, but it is still a lot of weight given my 132lbs of mass.

I will post some pics of that flat bar bike soon

I started working on my mtb again. Just haven't been into it. Have had my fork back from Answer for weeks now. Just pulled it out of the box yest.

I need to put all new cables on. plus some new koski breaks, and some Real levers. I tried to take my BB off. It is siezed on there. Well at least seized when trying to use just the one hook wrench to take off the cups.

It is a Real crankcase ti BB from more than 6 years ago. Been using the same one just putting some new bearings in now and then. each cup has 8 notches on it. I've always put them on and taken them off with the regular hook type of BB wrench. but it is on there but good now, and the cups are alloy. And the wrench is steel, so it started to slip and gouge out the alloy notches.

I need to try the park BBT-8 tool which will sit into all 8 notches rather than one. If that doesn't work I will take it to the shop to try.

I sprayed a ton of WD40 in through the little hole in the bottom of the BB. We'll see. But I don't want to mess around with it till I get a better tool.

Also need to remount some Stans tires on to those budget Weight weenie wheels I made many months ago.

I just want the MTB ready to go on Sundays for some easy longish off roading. It is hunting season here now, so I don't want to be out there except on Sunday.



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