Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Froze my ass off today

Forecast said partly cloudy in the 50s
was overcast in the 40s. Totally underdressed
-SS jersey,LS jersey, powershield jacket
-light tights
-goretex oversocks, regular socks/shoes
-windblocker gloves no liners

-was cold from the start and never warmed up. Then it started to sprinkle and then rain. Only rode for 1:45 but that was enough for me. My feet were like blocks, and my thighs were starting to get cold. I took a quick shower when I got back to the office and the front of my thighs were bright red and my feet were thawing and hurt like hell

I'm such a fair weather rider.

Things to do
-Scotchguard jacket
-Bring energy drink
-Eat more

I am just not eating enough. I try to get out of the house ASAP in the morning to get away from the Mother in law, so I eat a small breakfast, and don't take the time to make a lunch, so I've got nothing with me at work, and don't eat until I get lunch, which is after I rode. So I go into the ride on empty, and into the cold.

Well I'm off to a drive through somewhere. Wendys or something to get some substance into me.


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