Monday, November 15, 2004

First ride of the endurance phase

Well, I did 2 3/4 hours on the road bike today. Longest ride since my last race in October. Not too cold, but a little chill. I've been losing weight and I am just cold all the time it seems.

I went very very slow. And sadly, this wasn't hard to do because it was as fast as I could muster. I lifted my last hypetrophy lift yesterday when it should have been Fri. So no rest for the legs and they were worked. I had to stand on almost every little hill.

Well I guess not riding and just lifting will do this to you. It's quite comical comparing my training to some of the other BLOGS I read like Jeff Kerkove's 2 hrs is a spin for his legs, while for me it's a long ride.
The goal for me is to work up to some 4-5 hr rides before the intervals start in January.

Had two gels and a cliff bar. Surprisingly, I'm not famished like I used to be after rides. This is the #1 reason I am losing weight compared to years ago when I rode 3x as much. Duh...just don't eat as much.

that plus my appetite just isn't very big with the stress of the in-laws. Even though there isn't that tension like earlier, I have just fucking had it with her. She just talks. Talks alll the time. She has a disease. She must fill any dead space in air time with her voice. A voice that goes to the deepest part of my spine and resonantes up to the bottom of my neck and then proceeds to migrate all over my brain.

She has to be part of every conversation. EVERY one. It makes me actually dislike her. I used to actually like her and could deal with her. But right now I hate her. Hate the whole situation. And she is going to be gone in less than two weeks. So even though there is a light at the end of the tunnel it doesn't seem to matter as my limit seems to be reached.



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