Sunday, November 28, 2004

Back from T-giving

Well, anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, right? Well it has been 1 entire week with NO excercise. No riding , no lifting weights, just sitting, eating drinking, play station, kids museums driving and family.

We went to Indiana to visit my sister. 8.5 hours driving each way. Rained buckets the whole way. New vehicle made life much easier.

Before leaving was a madhouse, wife had to work, no daycare, so I watch kidspart of day then go to work. no time to workout.

Oh well, fits with my all or nothing mindset. In Indianam didn't even try to go workout or run or whatever, Just hang out. It would have been much much better to just do a little activity to stay active rather than just hang it up totally.

Back home now. It's windy sort of wet/cold. Probably will go work out then go look at Xmas trees with the kids. Decorate and all that sort of stuff.

It's comical reading some of the pro riders' blogs. One dude said he had 14hrs on the bike, 17hrs on total training.

Well 0 hours is ok for a week. It's good to have goals you know.

Today I'll do my Strength phase workout and tomorrow I'll ride during lunch or something. Isn't worth the grief to try riding now with the kids all wound up, and stuck at home and the wife all pissed off that she has to watch them while I go ride for 2hrs+. Better to just do it at work. thankfully, I have the flexibility to do that

Hope everyone had a great Tgiving and is getting back on the training horse again.


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