Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Aint from around here, are ya boy

So I dropped the truck off at Longshop Auto. A friend of mine from work said that they are good Dodge mechanics. He is a local so locals always know the best people for stuff.

If you weren't aware Blacksburg is this little oasis of cosmopolitan in SW Virginia. You get a college town in the middle of nowhere the attracts technology firms, and lots of international students and you get that. You know, some different kinds of food, a movie theater, etc.

Go outside by a few miles and you are in the sticks.

As you can imagine from my name, and picture I don't really fit in too well outside the main town. Ain't from around here, are you.

Know what I mean.

That's what's so funny about me in that truck. Big dodge dakota loud as shit, me so little in it. Must piss off lots of rednecks that I've got a bigger and louder truck then them.

So I plan to drop off the truck and ride home from there and get the other car and drive back to work to make a conference call.

I walk in wearing my tights, and cycling jacket. Now I really don't fit in.

It's always the same deal. Sort of cold shoulder, till I start talking with them, drop a name of who recommended them, talk truck talk, then they warm up. Though they always say yes sir at the beginning, even though you know they would rather lump me in with all the other terrorists of the world.

You know where the Southern politeness came from? Seemed way back when you were more likely to get killed by people you knew in the South, were in the North you were more likely to get killed by people you don't know. So the need to be polite became more important. Or something like that.

It's all about 'Sittin' a spell' got that from another guy. But around here, you don't just walk in an office and get down to business. You gotta sit a spell, talk about family, hunting, etc. Then you're in. It's funny to see people from other parts of the country, esp. cities come and try to get shit done by walking in and just expecting people to do stuff for you.

Certainly not about what you know but who you know.

Dropped the truck off and pull out the bike from the back and put on my booties, skull cap, helmet, etc, and rode off down a back country road.

You know those guys were saying, Who the hell is that guy.

You don't just drop off a big loud truck at one of those auto shops in the middle of the sticks and just ride your BI-see-cal away every day. Well, don't think they'll forget me, just hope they don't screw me.

Which is what you get when you go to the local autoshops in town. They know they are dealing with a transient population using Mom's money. Out in the sticks everyone knows everyone, so to stay in business they gotta be somewhat honest, at least I hope.

about a 50min easy ride back to the house, quick wash up then drove to work for a conference call.

Legs are hurting from that last lifting.

Tomorrow is day off, I think, then strength lifting.


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It can't actually work, I believe so.


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