Thursday, April 29, 2010

tracking OF climbs

I'm going to start tracking OF climbs just for baseline.
Azure, rubbing brake, worn rear tire. calf, hamstring on left side hurting.

21:36 from fence to top. Felt really bad. I'm not sure if it is the pollen, coming off a good weekend and 2 workouts M and W, not used to position on bike, nutrition, etc. But I haven't felt this bad in a long time.

Left calf even cramped up within 10 minutes. I rarely cramp in training and if so not till many hours in. Breathing was very labored.

I think the key to climbing old farm is leg turnover. This is the ability to tick the legs over at good cadence throughout the whole thing. OF is not a steady grade, it is made up of many technical sections. In order to tick over through those sections you have to have the ability to maintain the gear you are in and spin up the legs and then recover while still under fire.

No doubt that I've got some strength but my best time is 5mins less. Today I tried to spin up the legs through some sections and I would just blow up over and over. This is all good as paying now means sooner or later the investment will come through.
on Azure, first time in a long time. In fact, just the ability to go hard enough to blow up such that I had to get off or just stop is a success in itself, in that it breaks through the typical self preservation mode. I think it was the pollen for combined with fatigue from the weekend and muscle fatigue from M and W workout.

I haven't been on the Azure in months and months. Wheel issues, brake issues, shock, etc. I can build a wheel but maybe not so great. I think something is wrong with the front, maybe spokes not tight enough. Still love the bike, but my timing is way off after being on the Hardtail for awhile. The 100mm fork and rear suspension had me zigging when I needed to be zagging. But when you zig when you're supposed to zig you can work with the shock and the terrain and get some free speed.


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