Monday, April 26, 2010

big gains

As I predicted, it was a good riding weekend in terms of fitness. Two weeks ago, I'd run myself in the ground with 4 consecutive hard/short rides. One week ago I felt terrible on the bike. No power, no energy, whole body having difficulty holding my body up on the bike. When that happens than every root, and every rock goings into you and it's the fatigue spirals up.

The whole past week though I hadn't been on the bike at all, which is a bad thing. No riding at all makes it take at least a few days to get the systems back in order and ready to go. So first day back, the legs are sluggish, but next day is good.

My whole body felt strong and was riding technically very well. On the hardtail, I was riding technically strong, but after two days on brush I was starting to feel the fatigue. The biggest limiter right now seems to be my mid back. The muscles just are fried and tired.

I'm not sure why this is a limiter now. I'm very strong these days in general from crossfit. The positive wave I'm on continued today with the CF Total which is Maxes in Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift. Squat I matched my best in 185 and I think could have gone higher. Shoulder press also maxed at 90 even with a bad shoulder, and PR'd Deadlift 295.

My speculation right now is that I am real strong in my quads and hips and can push a big gear. But all that power has to go through the low and mid back. I might have strength there, but maybe not the muscular endurance needed for multiple hours in a riding position, on rough terrain and pushing the gears.


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